The vision for “Brasov 2030”

  • involving culture in the urban regeneration and revitalisation, in the (re)construction of Brasov as a full-function city that enables the harmonious development of the individual and of the community – the transformation from a monocentric cultural offer to a polycentric, inclusive and various offer;
  • highlighting the historical and cultural inheritance and preserving the cultural identities;
  • supporting the cultural and creative diversity that is secured in contemporaneity, developing the offers that favour interactivity, using new technologies and participating in the European circuit of cultural values;

Focus areas

We are investing in CULTURE!

  • Developing and maintaining the cultural infrastructure through the actions of the public administration;
  • Providing the necessary public funds for the development and maintenance of the cultural infrastructure, including the co-financing of projects organised and implemented by professional associations, NGO’s, companies etc.


This is a focus area regarding a concept that involves elaborating a sectorial strategy that shall ensure the freedom of artistic expression, the respect of the cultural identity and of the particularities of minorities in the current multiculturalism, which has been assumed throughout history, as well as the development of contemporary manifestations. One of the commitments that the public institutions dealing with individual training and formation shall be taking on concerns the education regarding cultural tolerance, freedom of choice, group identity, minority rights and the preservation of cultural identity.

Mobilisation for CULTURE!

Under the patronage of Brasov Municipality we shall organise campaigns for civic implication and we shall carry out projects that require the implication of the civic society, regardless of its form of organisation and its profit. We shall carry out campaigns and events for the mobilisation of culture, such as:

  • “adopt a monument building” and “adopt a public monument”;
  • promoting volunteerism for culture and for the increase of the number of cultural activities for tourists;
  • mobilisation campaigns for assigning 2% of the taxes of natural persons to public and private cultural institutions/organisations;
  • mobilisation campaigns for assigning 3% of the turnover or 20% of the taxes on profit of legal persons to public and private cultural institutions/organisations;
  • organising an annual telethon for donations in the name of culture, especially with the purpose of supporting talented pupils and helping them attend various events, supporting the internship initiatives of young creators who left Brasov City for studies and encouraging artistic debut;
  • stimulating the jobs in the cultural sector by means of improvement, requalification or transformation of free positions in favour of young people that are specialised in artistic professions.

Intelligent solutions for CULTURE!

Brasov is a city that has transcended all its historical challenges and that has had the necessary spiritual, civic and material resources to regenerate and reinvent culture. Brasov City takes on the responsibility of applying intelligent solutions for culture and using cultural resources in a responsible manner, by means of:

  • digitalisation – responsibility for preserving the patrimony and the facility of cultural education through modern tools that are attractive due to their user-friendly and interactive interfaces (e.g. mobile applications);
  • smart solutions for using resources, reducing costs and protecting the environment;
  • encouraging experiments and nonconventional manifestations that enable the recycling of waste through artistic processing;
  • connecting through culture;
  • the exponential promotion of culture by means of www.

CULTURE for the community!

This focus area depicts the openness and the potential of culture in and for the community. Herein under are some of the proposed activities:

  • developing integrated programs through the involvement of public factors from several fields, with the view to supporting cultural manifestations that are incidental to underprivileged citizens;
  • promoting events that stimulate creativity even at the outskirts of the city, events that improve the city’s image, events that increase the development of children and young people through the intensification of their artistic and aesthetic flair, through competitions that lead to the discovery of their talents, through grants and events that offer an alternative to personal reinvention;
  • developing cultural programs with the purpose of integrating underprivileged people, cultural programs for handicapped people or for people suffering from chronic illnesses that require multiple hospital admissions.